Assessment of Internet Safety and Security of Schools Training Underway in Yerevan


Over 100 teachers of secondary schools of Yerevan’s 7 districts participated in the ‘Assessment of Internet Safety and Security of Schools’ training held in frames of the Safer Internet Armenia 2015 project. Teachers

from two more districts in Yerevan, Malatia – Sebastia and Shengavit, to take part in the training within the coming week.  See Pictures here…

‘Safer Internet Armenia 2015′ project, a joint initiative of Media Education Center, Internet Society of Armenia and Orange, is designed to help schools create safe, secure and efficient learning environments.

Armenian Schools are assisted to become the European Schoolnet’s eSafety certified schools, which will help them to provide a secure, technology-rich environment for staff and pupils. Safety and security levels of ICT environments in educational institutions will be assessed.

Armenian Safer Internet Committee traditionally organizes various activities dedicated to the Safer Internet Day, involving secondary and high schools in the capital city and regions. As in previous years, a special attention is paid to engaging parents and relevant workshops are organized for parents.

Currently, schools are hosting open lessons dedicated to the topics of Internet safety and privacy. Necessary tools and educational resources are provided.


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Safer Internet 2015 Launched in Armenia


Today more than 100 countries are celebrating Safer Internet Day. For the fourth time in a row on the occasion of this day Orange, the Safe Internet Committee of Armenia and Media Education Center NGO are mobilizing forces to the “making internet safer for children. In the frame of the Safe Internet Month more than 3000 pupils of 150 schools will participate in open lessons and receive relevant information and educational materials on how to use Internet safely.

Orange will be promoting educational films to help parents understand how to protect their children from inappropriate content and experiences on internet. Special meetings with parents will be organized as well during which issues and risks related to safe Internet use will be discussed and information on

technical solutions, which make Internet better for children, will be provided. This initiative will also mobilize Orange Armenia employees who will volunteer to share their knowledge and experience with Armenian parents during the month. Read more…

“The data usage in Armenia has increased greatly during the recent years; internet services are no longer a luxury but a part of our daily experience and, as the leading mobile internet operator, we believe, it is essential to educate the users and improve protection for children from inappropriate online content”,- said Francis Gelibter, General Director of Orange Armenia.

To remind, since 2012 alongside internet services Orange proposes to its customers to use Kaspersky Internet Security program at a very affordable cost, which includes improved protection for children from inappropriate online content, with one month free of charge trial period.

Armenian Safer Internet Committee traditionally organises various activities dedicated to the Safer Internet Day, involving secondary and high schools in the capital city of Yerevan and regions. As in previous years a special attention will be paid to engaging parents and relevant workshops will be organized for parents. This year 50 schools will be assisted to become the European Schoolnet’s eSafety certified schools, which will help them to provide a secure, technology-rich environment for staff and pupils.

“In the frame of Safer Internet Armenia program we raise awareness about privacy and security issues. We teach how to prevent negative and unethical use of new technologies. However, ICTs are double-edged, since along with risks digital technologies can facilitate children’s learning and education.  Our observations showed that creative media production in the classroom resulted in a positive change in the quality of Internet resources consumed by children. Children who are actively using multimedia technologies have better skills to withstand on-line harms and cope with the risks,” said Narine Khachatryan, Safer Internet Armenia coordinator.

This year re-training of teachers will be organised and 100 teachers from 8 schools in Yerevan and 12 schools in the Tavush region will participate in workshops on blogging. A new educational blogging portal will be launched, and teachers will be trained to produce and publish educational materials.

Media Education Center offers Digital literacy training programs for teachers and students and effective methodologies how to introduce new media and ICTs into teaching and learning process.  Over the last years the organisation has assisted schools to develop educational e-content, built the capacity of teachers and students and provided with tools and e-platforms for collaboration and e-participation.

The “Safer Internet” project is dedicated to the International Safer Internet Day, celebrated since 2004 on the 2nd day of the 2nd week of the second 2nd month of each year. The pan-European INSAFE initiative, which is enlarging its borders year by year, is gathering people together to combat unlawful, harmful and irrelevant content.


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SID 2013 in Armenia: Orange Advocates Safer Internet Use

Today over 100 countries are celebrating Safer Internet Day. This year Orange Armenia, Media Education Center, Internet Society of Armenia launched the Safer Internet Armenia project.

In frames of the Safer Internet Armenia 2013 over 300 teachers from 150 schools will be trained and over 3000 students will take part in open lessons on Internet safety. This year a special attention is paid to engaging parents, who will take part in numerous workshops held in Armenia’s capital city and regions. On the Safer Internet Day 2013 the Best Open Lesson and the Best e-Poster Competitions are announced among school children and teachers.

“As the major mobile internet provider in Armenia, we care about providing our customers with keys to safe internet use, protecting their information and hardware as well as their children from inappropriate content. However, we are not limiting ourselves to simply offering needed products and solutions and as a responsible company we are happy to join this large-scale educational project,” said Francis Gelibter, the CEO of Orange Armenia.

Orange Armenia has been advocating safer internet use since last year. The company has supported workshops and awareness raising campaigns and provided its customers with Kaspersky Internet Security Labs in cooperation with Kaspersky to protect children from inappropriate content online.  Many Orange customers are already using it.

“More and more children start using internet at an earlier age. Still, children under 12 do not have proper critical thinking skills to make choices when surfing, playing and learning on the Internet, therefore parents are advised to  participate in their internet activities,” Narine Khachatryan, Deputy Director of the Media Education Center, said.

Studies show those teenagers whose families do not set rules for internet use at home are twice more likely to access web sites with inappropriate content. All those concerned about the content their children are exposed to on the Internet can visit to find necessary information and educational resources in Armenian language.

Safer Internet Day is part of a global drive by awareness-raising partners to promote a safer and better internet for all users, especially young people. It is organised by Insafe and INHOPE in the framework of the European Commission’s Safer Internet Programme, working together to deliver a safer internet, promoting safe, responsible use of the internet and mobile devices to children, young people and their families, and working to identify and remove illegal content online. For further information,


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Safer Internet Armenia 2012












70 per cent of Armenia’s secondary schools hosted Safer Internet Open Classes in February – March this year. This wide-scale action was based on the new model of open lessons on Internet safety, developed by the Media Education Center in frames of the Safer Internet Armenia 2012. Over 15 000 children participated the activities through open lessons across 800 schools in the capital and regions.

Subsequently, had 26-fold increase in visits and at the end of February ranked first as the most visited Education and Science website in Armenia.  The success of the project has led to the involvement of new partners and the extension of the scope of the project in the provinces of Armenia.

Safer Internet Armenia 2012 has been launched by Media Education Center, Internet Society of Armenia through support of Orange Armenia and Yerevan City Municipality. The National Center for Educational Technologies rendered information support.  The project is aimed to provide children and parents, teachers and students with necessary educational materials, highlighting how to use new technologies safely and effectively in their everyday life and apply in learning.


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Modern Art


People reflect their lives in art. Real, live art appeals to the heart and mind of every person, to

their feelings and ideals, it proclaims life.

In November 16, at school №4 held in open class in 9 th grade. The theme was “Modern Art”, which aim was to expand pupils’ knowledge about modern art.

Pupils prepared for class by themselves and presented to the class the brightest painters of modern art and their works.

Our lesson was very interesting and useful for pupils.


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Halloween in our school


Halloween is a festival that takes place on October 31.  This day was originally called All Hallow’s Eve because it fell on the eve of All Saints’ Day.  According to old beliefs Halloween is the time, when the veil between the living and  the dead is lifted, and witches, ghosts and other supernatural beings appear.

Many Halloween customs are based on beliefs of the ancient Celts, who lived 2,000 years ago in what is now Great Britain, Ireland and Northern France.  Every year the Celts celebrated the Druid festival of Samhain, Lord of the Dead and the Prince of Darkness.  It fell on October 31, the eve of the Druid New year.  The Celts believed that on this night Samhain allowed the souls of the dead to return to their homes as witches, goblins, black cats or in other weird form.  It was believed that evil spirits played tricks on October 31.
Now children dress up as ghosts and witches, go from house to house and say: Trick or treat, smell our feet. We want something good to eat.


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Photo Exhibition in Tumanian Museum


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Photo Journalism Classes in Yerevan

Photo Journalism Class in Yerevan

Photo Journalism Class in Yerevan

Photo Journalism classes for Yerevan School Councils organized by Media Education Center July 1 – July 4, 2011  in the capital of Armenia in frames of Speaking for Myself project. 40 children, members of 6 school councils, gathered at the Moscow House Gallery, where the exhibition of a prominent Armenian artist Samvel Sevada’s works was held. The exhibition, organized by the Armenian Artists’ Union, was unveiled on July 1, 2011. The EU-funded ‘Speaking for Myself project is implemented by Mission East, Bridge of Hope in partnership with Media Education Center, Internews Armenia and School for Young leaders. See Photos…


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Become President: Learn Leadership Skills in a Fun Way


Test your leadership skills by playing a computer game. Become President Interactive Game designed for middle and high school children with support of the Great Britain Embassy in Armenia is available for downloading. To become a president a player needs to demonstrate a considerable amount of knowledge successfully passing a pre-electoral campaign. Familiarizing the young players with the complex process of becoming a president, the game fosters responsibility and democratic values. You can download the game here.

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Photography Master Class by Sevada


In frames of Speaking for Myself project a photography master class is conducted in the Ijevan city of Armenia’s Tavush region by a prominent Armenian artist Samvel Sevada. 21 children, members of Ijevan school councils, gather at the Ijevan City Gallery where the exhibition of Samvel Sevada’s 109 art works is held. The exhibition was unveiled earlier in the morning by the Governor of Tavush region Armen Ghularyan. The EU-funded ‘Speaking for Myself project is implemented by Mission East, Bridge of Hope in partnership with Media Education Center, Internews Armenia and School

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Internet Literacy Handbook paneuyouth eSafety Kit become President



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